Bellfield is ours!

On Wednesday the 6th September, Action Porty were handed the keys for Bellfield. After months of hard work, and overwhelming support from the community, the dream of our community owning these buildings became a reality.

An open day on Saturday the 9th allowed us to open the doors to the public for a sneak peak before we officially open next year. It was a pleasure to show people around these wonderful spaces and speak about our plans going forward.

Board member Justin Kenrick captured the spirit of the day perfectly:

“In Bellfield for the Open Day, having received the keys to this beautiful community asset on Wednesday:

Listening to young and old bashing out music on the organ, small children calling out as pirates while creating crows nests, people’s delight and wonder at the beauty of the celebration hall, as well as delight at the prospect of restarting classes and groups and parties in the functional 1960s hall.

Standing in the silence after everyone had gone, remembering my Dad’s two prayers – ‘Help’ and ‘Thanks’ – grateful for all the help this wonderful community has given to open up the road ahead of us.

There’s much more to do: here, and down the road, and round the corner, to win back and creatively use the spaces we need before they vanish forever. But for now, the cry for Help was answered so strongly, and there is only a wish to give Thanks.

You know who you are: Thank You.”

Our crowdfunder campaign continues. Please support it if you can – any donation big or small brings us one step closer to opening the doors to Bellfield. Spreading the word is crucial too, so please let others know of our campaign.

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