Calling all potential users of Bellfield

As we get closer to knowing if we can buy Bellfield, we are researching potential users of the hall and the church.
We’ve been asking the community what they think Bellfield could be and could mean for the community, and we’ve started conversations with lots of local groups about what they could need.
We’re keen to hear from people or groups who might be interested in using the space on a regular basis; we want to know what you would expect from a regular or an occasional venue; plus we’d like you to tell us what could make Bellfield a really special venue (other than it’s amazing architecture & history).
We’ve drawn up a short online survey – so do use that to let us know your requirements and aspirations – and help us plan for a viable financial future for our community venue!

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  1. Hi

    Tower bank Drama club has done their annual drama performance in Bellfield Hall for the Past eleven years. We would love to continue on with this space as it feels like home to us. Will the venue be available for occasional users like us.

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