Get kitted out for the Big Beach Busk

Who wants a Big Beach Busk 9 T-shirt or bag? We’ve teamed up with Edinburgh Big Beach Busk to offer these fab T-shirts and bags for you to use and love.

But we don’t have a lot of time if you want the items for the day! So how’s this going to work?

1) We want you to have your Big Beach Busk kit for the morning of Saturday 25th – ready to be collected from us at Bellfield (16 Bellfield St, EH15 2BP) from 10am.

2) For that to happen we need a ground swell of orders to know that we can go ahead with this.

3) That means we need you to let us know what you want by emailing stating your name, contact number and which item(s) you want by 6pm on Tuesday 21st Aug – or sooner please!

4) On Tuesday evening, if we’ve got enough orders to go ahead (meeting the suppliers minimum quantities), we’ll confirm your order by email and ask for payment by midday on Thursday 23rd Aug – will be using our Paypal account or a transfer to the Action Porty bank account (details will be in the email).

5) When the money is in, the order will be placed with the supplier for 6pm on Thursday 23rd and we’ll take delivery of the shiny new kit on evening of Friday 24th, ready for collection from Bellfield on the day of the Busk.

6) You will come along with your email confirmation of the order and collect your items on Sat 25th from 10am onwards at Bellfield.

We can’t ship out – costs have been kept low, so it is collection on the day or collection soon after. We’ll do our best to track you down via the email and any contact details you send us but if you don’t come and collect it within a month of the order, your money will be considered a donation to Action Porty for the Bellfield project. Thanks!

What could possibly go wrong? Imagine how right it could go! We know this is a bit ramshackle and last minute but, isn’t that fitting with the spirit of the busk? Are you in?

So what’s on offer?

For £12 – an adult black T-shirt with a yellow Big Beach Busk Logo on the left breast. T-shirts are unisex and come in the following sizes:

S 31/36″ chest
M 38/40″ chest
L 42/44″ chest
XL 46/48″ chest

For £8 – a kid’s black T-shirt with a yellow Big Beach Busk Logo in the centre

S 17″ – length
L 19″ – length

For £5 a lovely new shopping Tote Bag in Teal, Mauve or Mustard.

You know you want to!

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