Global Resurgence of Community Lands – from Kenya to Scotland “What has the law ever done for us?”

7.30pm, Monday 13th August 2018

Portobello’s Old Parish Church, Bellfield Street: the first successful Urban Community buy out in Scotland

Two talks, with a very brief film – Is community ownership the route to a viable future?

 –   Milka Chepkorir, a Sengwer community activist from Kenya, on her community’s attempts to secure a win-win for the community and conservation, and to stop the state burning their homes and evicting them from their lands, including through trying to use Kenya’s 2016 Community Land Act.

–    Justin Kenrick, Chair of Action Porty, on the community’s campaign to secure Bellfield, and Portobello’s ongoing attempt to secure a win-win for the community and Edinburgh Council at the Pitz/ Westbank site, including our use of the 2016 Land Reform Act and the 2015 Community Empowerment Act.

[This event was filmed, for a series of videos being made about Community Land Week, for the Scottish Government]

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