End of July Update

Exciting times as we gear up for the transfer of Bellfield into community ownership on September 6th, with September 9th penciled in as the date when we hope to be able to show people around the buildings (2pm to 4pm) so that you can get to see inside Bellfield and hear about our plans.

We are delighted to have appointed Emma Griffiths and Angela Thomas as Development Managers, whose immediate task is to help us bring Bellfield back into community use. This requires improvements to the fabric of the building, fundraising, setting up booking and management systems, and much else besides. They bring a wealth of experience to this challenging but hugely rewarding undertaking.

Meanwhile the sub groups have been continuing undertaking all the tasks their names imply:
– ‘human resources’ (including securing staff),
– ‘communications’ (including developing a logo and brand),
– ‘fund raising’ (endlessly!),
– ‘property/ building’ (including identifying need, developing long term plans and prioritising improvements),
– ‘stakeholder engagement’ (including contacting potential users, developing pricing policy),
– ‘events’ (including an upcoming AP stall at the Village Fair) .

Look out for the Crowdfunder that will be launched in August – it’s purpose is to help us fulfill our aim of having¬†Bellfield ready for community use in January 2018!

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