On such a large project we are always looking for volunteers, of all capacities – both in time and in skills!

You can join us and do a single task, either one off or long term, you can head up a fundraiser, look after our membership database, advise on contacts, maintain the organ, paint the toilets… the list is endless!

We also have sub groups that we are looking for non-board members to join:

Cafe / Kitchen – concentrating on having an operational kitchen for June opening, and developing ideas on how best to provide cafe / kitchen facilities and activities in longer term.

Garden – a group of volunteers who have tidied up garden / grounds, and will continue to improve these (within the constraints imposed by potential physical work on Bellfield building being carried out). Will also develop design for future of outside space.

Fundraising Sub – a group whose remit is to develop a strategy for the funding of both building developments and the activities of Action Porty. This will be achieved mainly through grants, although a community share issue and further loan finance will also be considered. Members of the group assist our Development Manager to write funding applications, so experience in this area would be ideal, but not essential.

Community Fundraising / Events – this sub-group is responsible for organising and running a series of monthly social events and activities, some (but not all) of which will raise money for the Bellfield project. These events will be held in Bellfield and will also be used to test aspects of the facilities. This group will also co-ordinate the celebrations for our official opening in June.

Communications – sub-group responsible for informing and publicising Action Porty and Bellfield news – through the use of social media platforms and a range of other communication activities.

Heritage – Action Porty is developing a key partnership with Portobello Hertitage Trust to develop the heritage element within the Bellfield project. Proposals to date involve establishing both a permanent and revolving exhibition space, providing public access to heritage resources and organising activities and events to engage people in the heritage of Portobello and its people.

Human Resources – this sub group has two key areas of responsibility: (1) ensuring that Action Porty has appropriate HR policies and procedures in place for those whom we employ, and (2) developing policies to recruit and support volunteers, who will be an important element of the project. Experience very welcome!

Building Management & Operations – this group is dealing with making sure that we have the necessary policies and procedures in place to run Bellfield efficiently, fairly and safely. This will include producing appropriate policies and documents, developing administrative processes and advising / training staff, volunteers and users.


We hope you will considering helping us open and grow this community hub!

Please email us at friendsofbellfield@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer. If you have an idea which sub-group you would like to join, please include that within the email – thank you!