Action Porty has signed the Communities Call for Climate Action

In January 2020, Action Porty signed the Communities Call for Action pledge – In doing so we acknowledge that the world is facing a climate emergency, and that the time for action is right now.

Community groups across Scotland have a key role to play in tackling the climate crisis, and those signing the pledge call for more action from all levels of government and commit ourselves to action on the climate emergency.

We are aiming to complete the solar PV installed on the large hall roof in March 2020. We will be installing bike racks, and are exploring other ways of encouraging people to arrive by public transport, foot or on bike, unless they need specific other forms of transport.

There is so much more we need to do – including ensuring users of Bellfield are kept snug and warm without our heating the planet – so this is just a start.

The Bellfield Story, Action Porty, Land Reform and Community Buyouts in Scotland


This is Alastair Cameron’s fascinating personal perspective on the story of saving Bellfield , as given at an EICSP event on community buyouts on 12th October 2019.


His account includes the following fascinating snippets:

“Looking back, it now feels that things happened at breakneck speed . . .

“There was still a lot of naivety around. We thought three months would be fine to get things ready, and we would open after the new year . . .

“Does [what has happened at Bellfield since we opened] meet the community vision from that early meeting? Within the limitations of real life, I believe it does. There are a lot of ideas that haven’t been realised, and some will not. The buildings are a fantastic resource, with the wonderful worship space dating back to 1809 alongside very practical 1960s halls. But they have their limitations. Some of these can be tackled as soon as we have the funds – it’s vital that we improve the toilet facilities, for example. Others will take longer – we want the building to be the most accessible of its kind, but there is a one-metre height difference between the floor of the church space and that of the halls, which is not going to be easy to bridge.”

Read his full account here: Alastair Cameron – Bellfield Story, Action Porty, Land Reform and Community Buyouts in Scotland

Action Porty 2019 AGM

Thursday 21 February, 7pm
Celebration Hall, Bellfield

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Our Annual General Meeting is just around the corner, and we need YOU!

We need 10% of our Membership (47 of you!) to come along in order for the AGM to be quorate, so please help spread the word and show your support for Bellfield and Action Porty by joining us, however briefly.

Please let us know if you’re coming along through the Facebook event page, where you can take a look at the agenda. If you can’t make it, you can ask someone to act as your proxy – find out about proxy voting here.

If you can, do stick around for wine, cheese and soft drinks (all kindly donated) and tell us about your experiences of using Bellfield.

We’d love to gather your thoughts and suggestions to help us make Bellfield even better.


Here are the questions we’ll be asking:

  • What is your experience of Bellfield, and what are we doing well? How could we improve Bellfield, and how can you help us improve it?
  • What are the community needs that Bellfield isn’t yet meeting?
  • Should Action Porty become a ‘Community Anchor Organisation‘ for Portobello, and how can you help us play that role effectively?

If you’re really keen, you can also take a look at our audited accounts on our website.

We do hope you can come along and show your support – we look forward to seeing you next week!

The Action Porty Board